Mine is a piece of interactive fiction that explores the act of mining and the idea of scarcity, over three continents and five centuries: 16th Century Bolivia, 19th Century South Africa and present-day Texas.

In New Spain (modern-day Bolivia), 1572, Spanish soldier Miguel is gathering young indigenous men to become mita (forced labourers) at the world’s biggest silver mine in Potosi. Amaru is an old man with two teenage sons who help him farm. Miguel forces Amaru to make the worst decision imaginable.

In South Africa, 1867, on a Boer-owned farm on the Orange River, teenagers Elijah and Erasmus argue about a gemstone Elijah’s just found.

Texas, 2022, Josh returns to his home town to build the country's biggest bitcoin mining farm. He invites his estranged father on a tour of the facility.

Through the open-source text-based platform Twine, the reader will explore these scenes like still life tableaus, inhabiting different characters, and make decisions that will lightly affect the story

This work supports the session (Future Focus: Money and Environment)


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